Grimm and Grisly


Rasario, Ce 2 fradla, and Nikola begin in the woods just outside of Salem, Mass. They had previously removed Matthew Hopkins, the lead witch hunter, from Salem. They return with their guide, Turin, to the Indian village they had stayed at before. During their sleep, they were transported yet again to another time and place. This time, they were in the middle of medieval England.

They end up in a forest and encounter a woodsman, Iorek, in service to Queen Nevjijleojc, who reigned after the Kings untimely death. The queen had sent Iorek on a quite unusual task: take her daughter out into the woods, kill her, cut out her heart, and take it back to the queen. Iorek had let the little girl go, but could not return without a heart. Iorek, of course, was not to tell anyone of the task assigned to him. After he explained himself to the new arrivals, he killed a deer, but, of course, it did not stay dead thanks to Rasario. The recently killed deer was now a Nazi zombie deer, complete with a white Hitler-styled mustache and a Nazi collar.

The group travels on to the castle so Iorek can present the heart to Queen Nevjijleojic. She takes the heart, puts it in a jar, and then places the jar on a mantle behind her throne. While discussing a reward for helping Iorek, Rasario decides to take a stab at seducing the queen for his “reward.” As the pair head up to her private rooms and leave the rest behind, Prince Simon from the neighboring kingdom bursts in through the doors and demands to be informed on the situation with Princess Snow White.

Prince Simon accuses the queen of having Princess Snow White murdered and moves to attack. Everyone jumps in to fight against Simon and Iorek eventually stops battle by cancelling out gravity; only Iorek, Nikola, and Rasario are able to stay on the ground. Prince Simon continues to accuse the queen of her wrongdoing, and eventually Iorek turns on her as well and tells her that he did not kill Snow White. Iorek then swears to kill Queen Nevjijleojic. He and Simon attack the Queen. Rasario defends the queen, but only because he has her seduced. Nikola attempts to intimidate the fighters to stop battle again; it works, but not on Iorek or Rasario. The three continue battle until Rasario and Iorek end up staring into the abyss and going mad, unabel to fight any longer.

Fighting has stopped, but nothing is finished. There’s still the matter of Rasario’s “reward.” He further seduces the queen and convinces her to forget about Snow White being the fairest of the land. As they turn to head up to the queen’s quarters, the enchantment on the area breaks, and the people trapped in the story were set free of their roles.



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