Character Information
Name: Ce 2 fradla Age: 18 Gender: Male
Height: 5’9" Weight: 140 lbs Hair: Brown Eyes: Purple
HP: 14 Spells/Day(END+CHA+INT+POT+): 14 Morality: Guilty Conscious/Follower
Spell DC: 16
Strength: 5
Endurance: 5
Charisma: 4
Intelligence: 3
Potency: 5
Primary: Anvil
Secondary: Cradle
Tertiary: Scarecrow
Skill Rank Modifier Other Total
Focus 1 END 6
Acrobatics END 5
Improvisation INT 3
Persuade 1 CHA 5
Intimidate STR 5
Knowledge (Arcane) INT 3
Knowledge (Mundane) INT 3
Stealth END 5
Search END 5
Awareness INT 3
Heal 2 STR 2
Craft 1 STR 4
Firearms INT 3
Melee Weapons STR 5
Thrown Weapons STR 5
Explosives 1 INT 4
Magic Attack 2 POT 7
Dodge END 5
Drive 1 END 6
Mental Resist 2 INT 6

Ever since he was born, the only purpose Cef seemed to have was the ability to me meek, unthreatening, and an easy target. The area where he grew up,though rather wealth, was caught in the constant power struggle between rivel gangs and underground organizations. The citizenry were either forced out or joined one of the factions. Cef took option three. He stayed in town, but did not join any faction. Not being in a gang meant no protection, but that also meant he had no power. No power meant no threat. No threat meant that no one would kill him. Then again, that didn’t prevent the occasional beating and robbing. He was, however, easily persuaded so from time to time he would do odd jobs for the gangs because some of the lower level members ordered him to.

One day, Cef decided that he should grow a back bone, finally be able to do something. What he decided on was medicine, the most passive and non-violent place you can go to do some good in the world. He thought that he’d finally get a bit of confidence of having peoples’ lives in his hands.
Sadly, all he got was a change in scenery once he got out of medical school.

Yes, he was now working in a hospital, but a hospital was no diffrent than the place he tried to escape. There were factions vying for power and everyone was a member of one of them. Cef’s ass was kicked regularly and was always being ordered around as an errand/whipping boy. The only diffrence was that all this was done with stethoscopes around everyone’s neck. Make that two diffrences. There was also the despair of losing a patient and all fingers pointed to him. Whether the blame was rightful or not, Cef’s jobs ate away at his already withered self-esteem.

Since he had to move to get his job at the hospital and had to downsize to pay of his student loans, Cef now lives in a true and proper slum. The gangs didn’t have white colors and the projects seem to be crumbling at every level.

So Cef’s basic day to day routine consists of physical pain and psychological torture.


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