Nikola Phillips Escher

Character Information
Name: Nikola Phillips Escher Age: Timeless Gender: Varies
Height: Uh… Weight: About that, Hair: er… Eyes: I’ll get back to you on that.
HP: 15 Morality: Blue-Orange Spell DC: 20
Strength: 5
Endurance: 5
Charisma: 5
Intelligence: 5
Potency: 5
Primary: Moon
Secondary: Rune
Tertiary: Anvil
Quaternary: Man
Skill Rank Modifier Other Total
Focus 2 END 7
Acrobatics 2 END 7
Improvisation INT 5
Persuade 1 CHA 2 8
Intimidate 2 STR 7
Knowledge (Arcane) 2 INT 7
Knowledge (Mundane) 2 INT 7
Stealth END 5
Search 2 END 7
Awareness 2 INT 7
Heal 1 STR 6
Craft 2 STR 7
Firearms INT 5
Melee Weapons 2 STR 7
Thrown Weapons STR 5
Explosives INT 5
Magic Attack 2 POT 7
Dodge 2 END Acrobatics 14
Drive END 5
Mental Resist 2 INT Focus 14

There are some who’s body, they say, is a wonderland. Nikola Phillips Escher’s body is a magical mystery tour, and you best hope he’s not coming to take you away (coming to take you away, take you today)

But first some bedtime stories just for you.

Once upon a time in a far off land, there was a great ice mage who was enlisted into a war between the Gods. He fought for neither side feeling neither would fight for him and he would not be a slave to indifferent gods. In the final battle The gods all fell the ice mage fell along with them. His final spell a soul siphon went out of control piecing together the souls of gods into the his general form.

There are several stories of a twenty pointed crystals granting mystical powers and wishes to those who possessed it but as time passed these wishes started turning on the wisher until finally one said I wish I was somebody else and disappeared along with the crystal

About five years ago Nikola awakened with a greater stellated dodecahedron in his hand. He made a earring of it. He then worked with four nutjobs in trenchcoats, a cynical pansexual daemonologist, an archangel in disguise, a blind priest with a monochromatic morality, and a magical transsexual. They fell out when they wanted to find the opener that would be the worlds greatest mage, Nikola thought that two openers in the same general area would generate to much weirdness, this is saying alot seeing as his existence generates a moving source of dread. He then aimlessly wandered the earth for a while.

More recently he’s been temporal-spatially shunted around for some unknown purpose that he is quite wary of along with several individuals that he is convinced are hopelessly mentally unbalanced, doing things without purpose with reckless abandon.
Some of his more recent accomplishments are:

  • Fighting and wining in the name of neutrality.
  • Creating a dodecahedral Ho-Mg-Zn quasicrystal
  • Defeating a witch with the power of Christ, not an easy feat for an atheist.
  • Getting very angry at a burning building and launching a piercing spear of ice at it

Nikola Phillips Escher

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