Aspect Symbols

Your magical expertise is limited to your aspect symbols. Each mage has both a primary and a secondary aspect. For every symbol you choose, you gain the symbol’s bonus and ability.

Your magic is created in the fires of the forge, and you have the power to manipulate both stone and metal, as long as it was crated by the hands of man

  • Bonus: +1 STR
  • Ability: Craftspeak

Blood Magic
Your magic involves you sacrificing part of yourself or another’s life in order to fuel your spells.

  • Bonus: +2 END
  • Ability: Blood Siphon (enemy within 20ft radius with open wound)

This newer magic suits your technology-controlled lifestyle well. Integrate yourself within the network and make the world rash around your enemies’ heads.

  • Bonus: +1 INT
  • Ability: Codespeak

You draw on the power of life itself to create of repair the universe, keep people from dying, heal their wounds, and eventually learn to bring the dead back to life.

  • Bonus: +1 CHA
  • Ability: Spiritspeak

Chance rules your life. Make or break the world.

  • Bonus: +1 POT
  • Ability: +1 Focus

Your magic allows you to change forms. Shifting between shapes becomes second nature to you.

  • Bonus: +1 CHA
  • Ability: +2 Persuade

Your magic is drawn from the near limitless power of the universe itself. Draw on the power of the stars and bring their light to Earth.

  • Bonus: +1 INT
  • Ability: Starspeak

Your power comes from the shifting tectonics of the earth itself. Cause earthquakes, awaken sleeping volcanoes, or immolate your enemies in the fire of the Earth’s core.

  • Bonus: +1 STR
  • Ability: Stonespeak

The spells for this symbol are based largely off the manipulation of sound and its sonic capabilities.

  • Bonus: +1 INT
  • Ability: +2 Awareness

The power of Nature flows through you as conduit. The trees remember their tasks in the war against the Dark One and they lend you their strength.

  • Bonus: +1 END
  • Ability: Treespeak

Take care when using these magics for they drag a being from other worlds to do battle, be that for or against you and your allies.

  • Bonus: +1 POT
  • Ability: +1 Arcane Knowledge

Rewrite the words of reality, shape people’s beliefs before their eyes, all without actually harming anyone.The spoken word is your ally.

  • Bonus: +1 CHA
  • Ability : Aurasense

You are never alone as you have me, myself, and I. Create copies of yourself and others to help you in battle.

  • Bonus: +1 POT
  • Ability: +1 Mental Save

Of all the cosmic forces, none is more evident than gravity. Change how the forces of Earth affect others, even send your enemies flying into the air.

  • Bonus: +1 POT
  • Ability: +1 Physical Save

Time and distance mean nothing to you. Watch over th shoulder of someone on the other side of the planet or look into the past, present, or future. Nothing can stop your prying eyes.

  • Bonus: +1 INT
  • Ability: Magic Sight

The near limitless ferocity of the ocean comes to your beck and call. Drown your enemies with mighty tsunamis or cover yourself to protect from fire.

  • Bonus: +1 INT
  • Ability: +1 mental Save

Control the weather, cast lightening and hail against your foes, or sweep them aside with a tornado.

  • Bonus: +1 STR
  • Ability: +1 Focus

The hardest of energies to master is that of the enemy itself. Your mastery on entropic energy will bring suspicion from your allies, but if you use it well, you can be among the most powerful wizards.

  • Bonus: +1 INT
  • Ability: Spiritspeak

Your magic aids your partners, and your natural leadership makes their spells more powerful.

  • Bonus: +1 STR
  • Ability: +1 Dodge
    1 Rounds for the duration of spells are calculated by adding together your character’s POT and CHA. For example, if your potency is 5 and your charisma is 4, then the total number of rounds any spell can last 9 rounds.

Aspect Symbols

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